Saturday, 22 August 2015

Balcony beauties Part1

Hi readers...
First of all I owe a huge apology to you all for delay in my posts.Actually I wanted to ask you all, what really is your feeling when you have a natural fresh elements as your balcony decor which  never fails in being a eye candy for you with great burst of colors all days....
I must say this, real gardeners know all kind of dirt  where they make flowers bloom to make their hope bloom.
You might haved watched flowers growing at many places but frankly speaking growing it with your own hand and that too in your own space is like creating a most beautiful most beautiful masterpiece :)
They say, He who palnts garden, plants happiness too...
So join with me to plant your happiness too along with mine...
Today I will be listing down here some easy growing Balcony suited plants for all those who are a great lovers who love to see plants growing...

A perennial plant blooming in various hues like yellow,white,dark pink,orange,light pink and sometimes double in color.A widely know ornamental plant. They look best in hanging basket. Propagated form cuttings.
(2) ApteniaCordifolia/BabySunRose:

It is a succulent plant.Has heart shaped leaf with red flowers.A widely known ornamental plant.Look best in hanging basket.Propagated through cuttings.Flower vary color for bright pink to red.

They belong to sunflower family. Commonly calleD Creeping Oxeyes. Awidely know ornamental plant.Look best in hanging basket.Flower seem to be like a mini sunflower blooming.Propagated through cuttings.

  It has small, ovate, smooth leaves that are green on top and purple-bronze on the bottom. A widely know ornamental.Look best in hanging basket. Propagated through cuttings.

A ornamental grass plant.Looks best in a normal planting pot.The flowers are produced in the fall at the ends of the branches.The small seeds are a grain and give the plant a golden glow.A perennial, clumping grass.
(6) MoneyPlant:

A small plant with very round, dark green leaves.A widely know ornamental plant and can be kept indoors too dipped in water.Looks good in hanf=ging baskets too.Propagated through cuttings.
(7)Aloe vera:

Its a widely know succulent ornamental plant. The leaves are thick and fleshy, green to grey-green. The flowers are produced in summer on a spike.Best in normal large pots.Propagated from "pups" growing from the sides of the "mother plant".

These are some of the collections from my balcony garden and I have few more plants to share which I will be showcasing about it in my next post. Hope this article will be useful for the one who were eagerly searching for balcony plant suggestions. Will continue this in my next post.Till thn keep plantng.Bye..