Saturday, 25 February 2017

A part of her entity..

Hello beautiful people around there...
I am back with a beautiful eye treat  post but after a long gap.Hope you all had wonderful time with your loved ones this valentine, a beautiful month to express your love towards other. And as this month is finally coming to an end I have come here for happily bid it bye with touch of some love as I  pen down few of my thoughts and share my recently done painting with you all.So lovely readers here we go....
Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate..  ~Matthew
This is the month when we celebrate our anniversary too. And as it was the 5th one I thought of making it a  memorable one  with a specially done painting. And the outcome was ....

This special bond starts with an empty box. When its filled with giving, caring,loving,serving,praising,keeping,sharing it becomes a beautiful box full of all beautiful things and you live a story you dreamed  for.
Coming to Indian marriage, it binds you with many valuable and significant traditions.
Out of many the most divine is the applying of "Sindoor". Its like a divine blessing you have with you always. Its a part of her entity.
Red symbolizes Power and as this is red in color its protects the husbands and also wards off any lurking evil.Symbols of Goddess Parvati and Sati, it helps from bringing good fortune and also keeping good health with active brain stimulation and alert.
A beautiful line goes this way:
Oh Mother, let the line parting thine hairs,which looks like a channel,through which rushing waves of your beauty ebbs and which on both sides imprisons your vermilion, which is like a raising sun, by using your hair which is dark line the platoon of soldiers of the enemy, protect us and give us peace(Translated) ~Adi Shankaracharya
I have opted to paint a traditional looking saree here and you can find the details below
A widely accepted in fashion circles,a versatile fabric too, one can find the real comfort of khadi by wearing them..
As it is believed that rings and bracelets of hair increase love , I have come up with this hair details..
And finally the theme of this painting is "A Part Of Her Entity"
 The final art is here..
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Happy weekend ppl..