Saturday, 23 January 2016

Styling home with brass...

Hi folks...
Hope you had a great start of this year....
All I have to share with you today is about styling your home with some naturally speaking stuffs.
Are you really broken down haunting for a perfect decor stuff?
Lets be classic again.Sometimes classic and antique elements be the captivating bit for styling your home and make the space speak naturally.
So lets style home with Brass today.

And when the song within you start singing and creativity within you start over flowing u have number of choice to beautify them.And let me say you, infusing brass to your decor space doesnt require any major commitment even. Am I right?
Antiques spell great assessment for home interiors these days. Its beauty is felt both from eyes and heart.

Brass stuffs intricate decor with a dash of royalty and classiness.It has got a soft color with a sense of inherent quality.

Brass is back dear and it has now become home decors most widely used metal too.Its rediscovering its old beauty again and gaining the strongest followings by decor enthusiasts again.

Go traditional with brass decors as it is recapitulating the decor beauty again.
You can find easier to use them as statement piece even in minimalist space too..

And with brass decor...I tell you, decorating trends go more reflective and shiny.
It gives a feeling of having antique piece around and as we know old stuffs really have some characters to say.

 These qualities in it take us back in time and we never get tire looking at them.

So friends, conclusively I can say give a try styling them at your favorite place  and do share your feelings too.

 And for more impressive, eye catchy implementation of this kind of styling do visit pinkzpassion blog where she mesmerizes all through her decor trends...
Will be back with my new painting ...
Grtday lovelies....