Monday, 21 September 2015

Balcony Beauties Part 2

Hi lovely readers....
And here I am with my post about selection of balcony garden plants part 2. Hope you all enjoyed going through Part 1 and if so u have missed it u can find it out here Blacony Beauties Part 1.
So coming across some more balcony beauty varieties:

A widely known and cultivated ornamental plant. Called as FairyLily, MagicLily, Zephyr lily, Atamasco Lily. Flowers have slender stalks. They may be White, Pink, Yellow in color. Its flowers last for a day or two.
Daisy like perennials with starry flower heads. A very good butterfly attracters. Plants can be grown from seeds. They may be red, pink, yellow, orange, white in colors. Beautiful and colored flowers create magical view in your balcony gardens.
Also known as the Elephant Ear they are well known Ornamental plant with colorful leaf . The leaves are more of heart shaped. Grown from corms and can be propagated by dividing tubers. Its magical leaves with pink, green and white holds up beautifully on palnts creating unique patterns and making the viewers lost in their eyes.
Dracena family plant is a highly used decorative plant seen used for home, office, apartments and malls and for landscape decorations. They are of different types and vary in sizes and forms. Its a very beautiful plant and requires proper attention and care. The one you see below is Marginata red variety.
A well known beautiful ornamental plant. Best suited in pots. The plants have hairy green leaves and clusters if flowers in shades of red, white, pink and purple. They attract butterflies and humming birds. they need little or no care and grow in hot and dry locations too.
6)Clitoria Ternatea:
Commonly called ButterflyPea, BluePea, CordofanPea or AsianPigeonWings. It is a perennial herbaceous plant. It grows as creeper and suits well for creeping on your balcony grills. Its flowers may be blue or white in color.
An annual plant. Its flowers grow on spikes and are quite showy and thus its popularity. Salvia slenders does come in other colors including white, salmon, pink, purple, lavender, burgundy and orange too. It reaches a height of 18"-30".

                         Have more plants in my balcony and waiting for some to flower so that I can have good clicks to share with you people and so will be coming again with Part 3 of this post "smiles".
Till thn enjoy reading this and planting them too in your balcony.
Grtday Readers..