Thursday, 5 January 2017

Blue pottery inspired coasters...

Hello everyone....Here I am wishing one and all A Happy and Prosperous New Year :)
Its a new year, a new day and sometimes all we need is a fresh new start and so this is the new me as I will be putting back the missed pieces of creativity in me differently, all for you people..
Coming back to todays post, I will be discussing about a DIY inspired project which many  have been asking for the tutorial of Blue pottery  art inspired coasters which I made last year.
Beautiful, captivating and magical  is its color,this art form touches every ones heart. Taking inspiration  from this , came out an idea of why not paint them on something ,myself. Eventually I ended up making coaster with such beauty, and the outcome was splendid.
Things Required:
*cardboard sheet
*Canvas Sheet
*Blue and white acrylic colors
First of all take any desired baseh on which you want to paint and make coasters. I have taken cardboard (recycled) but you can also take wood too and then cut them to circular shape.
After cutting both canvas and cardboard sheet into circular shape its time to stick both cardboard and canvas together with glue.
Its time to sketch your favorite blue pottery motifs now using a pencil.
Then start painting blue and then white and dont forget to give a second coat too.After drying  a full day seal it with acrylic sealer to avoid damage of painting.
Your blue pottery inspired coasters are ready...serve your tasty homemade tea with your beautiful handmade coasters.
Sharing below pictures of how I have styled them on my coffee table.

Enjoy making them. Stay blessed.