Wednesday, 14 December 2016

christmas is here...dress it up!!!

Hello lovely people.....I am all here....I promise i wont give up writing and sharing here again...Its Christmas  time , a time for rejoicing and reflecting....Who doesnt love making christmas crafts, they are the best part of celebrations...From kids to grownups,  we all love engaging ourselves in christmas craft making...
Small ones are always the cute ones.May be your christmas tree is all set for the festival, a miniature tree will do great on your coffee tables...what say? If yes, here i bring a mini and very simple tutorial to add a dash of wow to your space. check it out below:
Things needed:
*stapling machine
*decorative lace
*stock card paper
First of all gather all supplies mentioned.
Then take stock card paper and cut it into small size . As we would prefer this tree to be placed over tables , we would go for small size.
Start folding this card to cone shape and secur it by stapling.
Then trim the base neatly so that the cone would support standing when placed.
Then take the decorative lace of desired size and start looping it round the cone until you are statisfied with the look.
Ones you are done with this, secure the end and start trimming the sides to improve its tree like look.
Taddaahh....Your tree is ready. Believe me,this looks awesome and will definitely help you if you run out of time decorating. Go ahead. Give a try..
I have styled my coffee table with this cute little miniature tree and it looks fantastic. You too have a look...
Tips: Use your Christmas decorating stuffs along with it to give more festive look..
         Also use fairy lights as it enhances its brightness.
That's all for now. Will be back soon with more crafting and fun filled tutors. Please dont forget to check this space.Till then, bye...