Thursday, 12 January 2017

Aromatherapy by dint of centerpiece....

Hello people...Hope you are doing great...
With change of time and trends, so do decor style changes but one remain same is how well do our home smell. When a home smells great , a right balance towards decor is created.Clutter free environment alone doesn't create peace of mind. Smell of home is equally important for making our surrounding more lovable and peaceful.
"All I want to write are those beautiful words where I can explain, what I really feel for you......
Oh, you smell so divine
making everything fine....
Draped my hair on the floor
 recollecting the memories of opening of love door.....
Nothing can bring to life again
those forgotten memory like your fragrance "
 Let me ask you all, how many of you really believe in Aromatherapy?I bet you, nothing can make more memorable than beautiful smell. Moment of love,peace,sensuality are created only with smell.
Perfumes are the intense form of memory.
Home styling is always great with bit of personal touch and your personal touch pretty much defines your taste towards your home decor,so why not discuss a project today about Aromatherapy by dint of centerpiece.
All I want to create today is a centerpiece with essential oil diffuser. Wow,its a two in one project,where you are creating a centerpiece for your home and also your home smells wonder with this. Lets move on towards steps of creating this beautiful project.
Materials Required:
*Golden acrylic color
*Pom-pom of desired colors

*Essential Oil (of your choice)

First of all collect all the required materials.

Take the collected dry twig and coat it with golden metallic color all over.
Take pom-pom balls and attach it to the twig.
Now take your desired essential oil and apply it on all the pom-pom balls on the twig.
 Now the simple yet fantastic centerpiece with beautiful aroma all around your home is ready.
Tip: Lemon grass oil would work best as mosquito repellent too.
Hope you liked this project. Do try this for sure and don't forget to give feedback.
See you with another beautiful project...Bye